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Mr & Miss Teen Nigeria UK was established and registered in 2019, a non-profit organisation that aims to give a platform to the rising young Nigerian Teens in the United Kingdom. Mr & Miss Teen Nigeria UK is a cultural pageant providing a platform where 13-19 year olds are educated on their Nigerian culture and a place where they can showcase their creative ideas to the wider society.

With the growing knife crime epidemic here in the United Kingdom it is only right that now is the time we create a positive platform. Looking at the statistics it showed that 3 in 4 youth involved in violent crimes were from Nigerian heritage. In as much as this was deeply saddening something needed to be put into place, something needed to CHANGE!

Mental health is something that is also not spoken about within our Nigerian community. It is seen as a taboo and something that we hide from. Half of teenagers living in the United Kingdom will suffer from some sort of mental health issue before their 18th birthday and as early as 10 years old. So, what is being done about this? This is why Mr & Miss Teen Nigeria was created!

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